Best Adult Mobile Games Of 2020 (18+ Only)

Best Adult Mobile Games Of 2020

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I know the lives of ours are hugely got affected during this pandemic. A little fun is also required to cheer up the mood. These games are best out there to live fantasy world that you may dream off but mind you these games are strictly 18+. We have made a list of the best adult mobile games of 2020.

#1 Summertime Saga

Sumemrtime Saga game
image credit:- Summertime SAGa

Summertime Saga is a highly famous adult dating simulator game. The game is based in a small town where a boy lives with his stepmom and stepsis. After the mysterious death of his father, he is about to enter college life where he started learning about the debt of his father and his criminal background.

The game has over 60+ characters with 25+ locations to interact and fantasize the life accordingly. The game is still going on so you can hope for more updates and characters with new locations that can be added by the developers.

#2 Academy34

Academy 34 game
image credit:- Academy34

Created by the Young & Naughty team comes with a parody game where you play as a guy who is enrolled in an academy. The academy trains the candidates to become the Overwatch agents. The game is a parody of Overwatch so you can expect the known characters from the game.

#3 Life With Pleasure

Life with Pleasure game
image credit:- Life with Pleasure

A young man named Nick is living with 2 hot roommates. He also got a job in a hospital. The game is all about the relationship stimulation where you play as Nick. You can have relations as you want with the two roommates and hospital friends depending on your decisions.

#4 Love and Submission

Love and submission game
image credit:- Love and submission

The story starts with your return to home after traveling across Asia. A lot of things have changed after your return after two years from your mom started dating someone to your friends. You have to decide how you like to build relationships with others – either a romantic one or a lust one.

#5 Melody

melody game
image credit:- Melody

After getting a degree in Music you have been busy juggling between your work and personal life. You have been working in various cities and towns so the lifestyle after college is very busy for you. Things got changed when you return home and you chose another career leaving the music career in which you are practicing all your life. So, in order to keep the money coming, you take the job of tutoring Melody a girl that you got to know by chance surfing online in an online marketplace. Now you have to teach her music as she wants to pursue music as her career.

#6 Midnight Paradise

Midnight Paradise game
image credit:- Midnight Paradise

A college dropout who is coming back to live with his family after 2 years. When you reach home you got to know about the family members consisting of a strict dad, twin brother, and sisters. As you progress through the game you unravel the secrets using the decision-making stimulation. some things go hot for you and some things go the wrong depending upon the choice you make throughout the game.

#7 Milftoon Drama

Milftoon Drama Game
image credit:- Milftoon Drama

You play as Joey who is about to enter college life but before that, he wants some fun in life. You have many choices to make different types of relationships with different characters as the story goes on. Every character will try to get you but it is up to you how you play it smoothly.

My Conclusion

These games consist of highly 18+ content so kids are not allowed to play it. Also, these games are not present in AppStore or  Playstore due to the content offering to the users. So you can download from the websites the developers are having. If you want to play family games then you can check out the best multiplayer games for android 2020.

Note:- Things to remember that these games are for only fun and fantasizing about your perfect life so keep the dirty thoughts in real life to yourself only don’t get overboard with the game and the feelings. Happy playing!

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