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Recently NVIDIA launched its AI-powered Broadcasting App with an aim to create any room into your own home studio for live streaming on any platform. The vision of the NVIDIA is to make sure that every gamer who likes to live stream can easily increase the production quality of the stream with the NVIDIA Broadcasting App. Let’s talk about the features one by one that NVIDIA is offering to people with the launch of their 3000 series RTX graphics cards.

What Is NVIDIA’s Broadcasting App?

What Is NVIDIA's Broadcasting App?
image credits: NVIDIA

With the increase of the live streaming market during the pandemic year. It is clear that the streaming and viewership will increase drastically in near future. Now we can see that many mainstream celebrities other than vloggers and gamers can be seen joining the streaming thing to interact with their fans.

The major thing after the video quality of the stream is the room setup and visual treat. Now here comes the NVIDIA’s Broadcasting app that can offer streamers to change their normal webcam streaming to the ultimate virtual background streaming. NVIDIA has said that they know many streamers don’t have green screens and expensive setups therefore they worked to make the standard webcam work as perfectly as you see in green screens to provide high-quality streaming through the AI system.

Features Of the Broadcasting App

Features Of the Broadcasting App
image credits: NVIDIA

NVIDIA has launched the Broadcasting App with the new RTX 3000 Series which will help you stream as a professional streamer do. The features of the app will mainly target the visualization and sound quality of the stream.

1. Noise Cancellation On User’s End

Noise Cancellation On User's End
image credits: NVIDIA

With just a click you can remove the background noise like a dog barking, people talking, or even your phone ringing from your end. You have to choose the noise cancellation feature in the Microphone section.

2. Noise Cancellation On Speaker’s End

Noise Cancellation On Speaker's End
image credits: NVIDIA

If your friend is not using its push to talk when his microphone is producing too much noise. You can easily turn down the noise from his/her end. By just a click on the noise removal effect in the speaker’s section.

3. Virtual Background While Streaming

Virtual Background While Streaming in NVIDIA Broadcast
image credits: NVIDIA

Virtual Background is one of the best features of the Broadcasting app. The function of the virtual background is to create a virtual environment like a green screen does without using it. It will give a sense of professional streaming once you start using the feature.

4. Auto Framing Of Webcam

Auto Framing Of Webcam
image credits: NVIDIA

Auto Framing is an AI function that will track and focuses on your face. It will keep your face as a reference to the center point and rotate as you shift any side of the frame. It will work as your own personal cameraman.

Other Updates Of Nvidia Encoder (NVENC)

Updates Of Nvidia Encoder (NVENC)
image credits: NVIDIA


NVIDIA has also worked with top streaming platforms like Discord, Twitch, Streamlabs, OBS, and XSplit to improve the video quality through their NVENC Encoder. Also, the update of the NVENC encoder has introduced in RTX 2000 series.

My Conclusion

In my view, it is the best live streaming app as of now for the streamers but it is available on RTX 30 series. So if you want to experience the features of the NVIDIA Broadcast app you need to buy any of the 30 series RTX cards. Talking about the plus points then it surely does its job efficiently. The noise cancellation and virtual background will make you feel like a professional streamer even without an expensive setup.


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