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The pandemic Covid-19 has led people to stay inside even the extrovert people. During this time when lockdown and social distancing are necessary to defeat the virus. We have made a list of best multiplayer games for android to play with your family members and friends while staying at home.


Developed by Gametion Technologies
Game Rating:-
Downloads:- 300+ Million Downloads
Multiplayer: – 2 to 6 Player
Download Link:-  Android

About The Game

Ludo King is an online board game that can be played against the computer or with your friends. It will give you a sense of your childhood.

How To Play?

Each player starts with 4 pieces or tokens. Everyone gets the chance to roll the dice once per round whosever went on to put all his/her tokens to the Home first will win. This goes on to crown second, third, and fourth place for the players.

Key Features

  • Offline mode with computer bots.
  • Chat with your friends and strangers during the game.
  • Level up system game.
  • Add strangers to your Buddy list while playing ludo king online.
  • Well optimized for low-end mobile players.

2.  Business Tour

Developed by Creobit
Game Rating:- 3.8
Downloads:- 100,000+
Multiplayer:- 2-4 players
Download Link:-  Android 

About The Game

Everybody has played Monopoly ones their life. It will give you nostalgia for the Monopoly Board Game. You can play with your 3 friends or team up to play 2v2 Mode.

How to play?

The main objective is to buy the property on the board strategically. Every player starts with 2 million dollars. There are 3 ways to win the game. First, the player owns 3 monopolies of the same color type tiles. Secondly, own every beach on the board. Lastly, make other players bankrupt.

Key Features

  • Offline Mode with computer bots.
  • Daily tournaments & Mission tasks.
  • Private lobby table to play with your friends.
  • Cross-platform available.
  • Linking of Steam & Google Ids are there or you play as a guest.

3.  Chain Reaction Online Pro

Developed by aits Labs
Game Ratings:- 3.6

Downloads:- 10,000+
Multiplayer:- 2-8 players
Download Link:- Android

About The Game

It is the most unpredictable you have ever played online. A strategically driven game that can be played against a computer or a group of friends. One single move can change your whole game. From winning to losing is a matter of 1 wrong move.

How to Play?

Every player has one chance to put one orb or dot inside one cell of the grid. The grid contains X rows and Y columns. Each cell of the grid is defined with “critical mass”. The spread of mass depends on the placement of the orbs and the spread of the orbs is only orthogonally.
Depending upon the position:

  • At grid’s corners – maximum critical mass is 1
  • At grid’s edges – maximum critical mass is 2
  • Inside the grid – maximum critical mass is 3

Key Features

  • Offline mode with computer bots.
  • Online mode with 2-8 players range.
  • You can add friends online.
  • Online user showing notification feature is available.

4.  Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Developed by  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Game Rating:- 4.3

Downloads:- 1,000,000+ 
Multiplayer:- 2-7 players
Download Link:- Android 

About The Game

This game is all about giving an interesting answer to questions prompted on the screen. You have to psych or deceit every friend of yours playing with you into choosing your answer. So take out your phones & gather some friends to play this fantastic game by “Ellen DeGeneres”.

How to Play

Everybody has heard of the phrase – “Innovation is the key to success”. You just have to write an innovative and interesting answer to every question and make your friends in to vote for your answer.

The highest number of points at the end of a series of rounds will be the winner.

Key Features

  • Minimum of 3 friends required including you can play with Ellen Degeneres
  • Variety of awesome & funny categories to play
  • Easier User Interface to use
  • All are private tables.

5.  UNO Friends

Developed by Casual Game Company
Game Ratings:- 4
Downloads:- 5,000,000+
Multiplayer:- 2-4 players

About The Game

A casual fun card online game that can be played with family & friends. Games rules are very easy as the main objective is to get rid of all your 7 cards but don’t forget to say “UNO” with 1 card left on your side. This game is one of the most enjoyable family card games.

How to play?

Players start with 7 cards on hand. There are mainly 3 types of cards – Action card, Color or Number card, and a Special card.

Action card- consists of “Skip the chance” card, “Reverse the direction” card and “+2” card.

Color or Number card- number cards ranging from 0-9

Special card- ability to change the color of throwing cards and “Wild card” gives you the ability to add +4 to the next player and changing the color also with skipping the turn of the next player.

Players had to match with numbers, colors, action, or symbol cards. Strategize your way to the last card left on your hand.

Players have to use the combination of these cards in order to get rid of all your cards but remember to tap UNO when you reach the last card on your hand. If you don’t have a card to match the ongoing hand then pull a card from the deck. If the card is playable then play it, if not then the turn will go on to the next player in the sequence.

Key Features

  • Private Rooms for 4 people.
  • Online Matchmaking available.
  • Offline Mode with computer bots.
  • If someone leaves then the computer bot takes over.

6.  8-Ball Pool

Developed by
Game Rating:- 4.5

Downloads:- 500,000,000+
Multiplayer:- 1-2 players
Download Link:-  Android

About The Game

International 8 ball pool based online game on your mobile & tablet. Match against millions of players across every country. Challenge them on 1V1 matchmaking. Increase your skill level to climb up the all-time & weekly based leader board.

How to play?

A total of 15 balls numbered from “1 to 15” + 1 cue ball. Number 8 is the black ball which is common to both sides. Blackball is only allowed to touch and pot ones every ball of one player is finished. “1-7 numbered balls” are solids and “9-15” are stripes. Players are allowed to touch only one set of balls which are decided ones any one of the player pot any one ball of the set during the break or the next consecutive turn. The first player to pocket the black ball first after all the set of balls of his/her side is over wins the game.

For full Rules & Regulations visit

Key Features

  • Online Multiplayer 1v1 Matchmaking.
  • Win prized which includes 8 ball pool coins & pool cues.
  • Participate in tournaments through game coins.
  • Level up tier system.
  • Buy & Sell Pool Cues.
  • Every Pool Cues have different powers to play with.

7.  PUBG Mobile

Developed by  UBG CorporationLightspeed & QuantumKrafton
Game Rating:- 4.3

Downloads:- 100,000,000+
Multiplayer:-  2-4 player

About The Game

Tencent presents you with the best mobile game of the year which revolutionized mobile gaming to another level. The Pubg Mobile or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is free to play a Multiplayer survival game where you have to survive against other rival players to reach the number 1 position. Learn to adapt is the simple rule to win every match. Test your gaming skills in over 4 maps- Erangle, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok.

How to play?

The Game is simply based on survival skills. The gameplay is simple as it requires fast looting skills, zone to zone movement, good aiming, and team-work.

Key Features

  • 4v4 Squad, 2v2 duos, Solo Matchmaking in 100 slot system.
  • A solo player can match with other players to play squads and duos or you can solo match against other players to play Solo Vs Squad or Duos.
  • Zombie Mode added.
  • 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode added.
  • Training Mode available.
  • Text & voice chat available.
  • Clan mode System is available.
  • Guns & Vehicle skins available.
  • Customization of your player avatar available.
  • Battle pass added to play different and unique missions to win rewards.
  • FPS (First Person Shooter) and TPP (Third Person Shooter) Mode available.
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