Top Tips And Tricks in Minecraft 2021 Edition

Top Tips and Tricks In Minecraft 2020 edition

Minecraft is the most famous and the best selling game of all time. The innovation and custom world that you can create within the game makes the game very special. Everyone is obsessed with the game whether it is an old one or a teenager. So if you are one of them then this article […]

Why Lionhead Studios (Developers of Fable Series) was Shut Down?

Why Lionhead Studios (Developers of Fable Series) was Shut Down?

Microsoft (former owner of the Lionhead Studios) finally announced the reboot of the Fable series. It will be named Fable (don’t get confused with ‘Fable – 1’ as it will be different). You will be wondering why Microsoft is coming with the remake of the official Fable series, which they can do so when the […]

Top 10 Best Video Games on Nintendo Switch of 2021

Nintendo Switch after its release has gained too much popularity because of the design and concept of portable gaming. It somewhat saved Nintendo from the market of consoles when Playstation and Xbox are making their move to become number one in the market. The price of the console may be high but the restriction to […]

US Congresswomen AOC & Ilhan Omar played Among Us to encourage Voting

Twitch is a great platform when it comes to showcasing your skills on anything. It is not only a place where you stream games. You can also share your thoughts, promote anything, and most importantly interact with anyone. One day ago, US Congresswoman AOC – “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” played Among Us to encourage voting with her […]

Why DrDisrespect was Banned from Twitch

Herschel Beahm IV or better known as DrDisrespect is a very known internet celebrity and gamer who is currently a streamer on Youtube. He is known for his entertaining rage while playing FPS games. For many months, Shroud and DrDisrespect were in a competition to become the best streamer in the Twitch community. Until Ninja […]

Best Adult Mobile Games Of 2020 (18+ Only)

Best Adult Mobile Games Of 2020

I know the lives of ours are hugely got affected during this pandemic. A little fun is also required to cheer up the mood. These games are best out there to live fantasy world that you may dream off but mind you these games are strictly 18+. We have made a list of the best […]

How To Be PRO In Among Us

How to be Pro in Among Us

Everybody is playing the game Among Us right now due to its popularity. But I have seen many people making the same mistake of trusting their crewmate without any confirmation. It is hard to get betrayed more than one time. The same goes for the person who plays imposter foolishly. Today I will show some […]

Why Mixer Has Shut Down?

Mixer has shut down on 22nd July 2020

Last month on the 22nd of June 2020, Microsoft came up with the tweet that made thousands of streamers streaming on Mixer shocked. The news was about the shutting down of the Mixer streaming platform. A growing platform that saw the rise in viewers when Ninja and Shroud were signed in just 8 months ago. […]