AMD RX 6000 GPU Specs And Features

AMD RX 6000 GPU Specs

Dr. Lisa Su announced on 28th October that AMD will be releasing RX 6000 series. It was not long back that NVIDIA has introduced the 5000 series that shook the market for the GPUs. AMD RX 6000 GPU series will include 3 graphics cards –  RX 6900 XT, RX 6800 Xt, RX 6800. AMD claimed […]

AMD’s Ryzen 5000 Series CPU Specs & Features

The new line up of Ryzen 5000 series CPU is about to be introduced to the world by AMD. It will be available from 5th November and also one good thing is that AMD is giving out copies of FarCry 6 to the people along with it. The series consists of 4 chips as of […]

PS5 Vs Xbox Series X Specs Comparison

PS5 Vs Xbox Series X Specs Comparison

Before buying your favorite console right now there are some key features of both the competitors right now which you should know. We have tried to compare the key features of both the consoles (PS5 Vs Xbox Series X specs comparison) which will be releasing soon so that you guys get a clear picture of […]

NVIDIA 3000 Series Graphics Cards Overview 2020

NVIDIA RTX 30 series overview

As you have already heard from Jensen Huang (Founder & CEO of NVIDIA) about the new and better NVIDIA 3000 series graphics cards and their technology advancement from the last series of graphics cards. I will try to explain the things that the new 30 series will simply provide to the gamers and also provide […]

Is Xbox Series X Worth Buying?

Is Xbox Series X Worth Buying?

Xbox Series X Overview Xbox Series X is the fourth generation gaming console of the Xbox family by Microsoft. During the E3 event last year it was announced publically that Microsoft will release Xbox Series X in November 2020. Microsoft has said that they worked on hardware performance by decreasing the loading time and improved […]

Is Stadia Worth it in 2021?

Is Stadia worth it?

It’s been 1 year now that Google Stadia is launched. We can talk about all the features that Google has promised to fulfill at the launch of the Stadia which was not available earlier. Now we have on hand experience of nearly 1 year. It is the best time to answer your question “is Stadia worth […]

Is PS5 Worth Buying? (Full Comparison with PS4)

Sony Playstation 5 hardware Features

SONY PlayStation 5 It took 7 whole years for SONY to make a well upgraded and crafted version of PlayStation 4. We are talking about the super sleek looking PlayStation 5. With its Hardware and it’s accessories sneak peek video released last month. Everybody has one main question in mind – Is PS5 Worth buying […]