CSGO Tips : Easy Ways To Earn Money Playing CS:GO

Counter-Strike celebrated it’s 20th-anniversary last year and since it’s release there is only exponential growth in the CS player’s gaming community. CS GO is one of the best FPS games in the world with only FPS games having Esports prize pool of over 1 million+ Dollars. One of the CSGO Tips you should know about earning through CSGO is that you don’t need to necessarily be a pro in it, but if you are a pro player in CSGO than many options will get open for you. But, you can still earn if you love playing CSGO.

The average active player base of CSGO is around 500k-800k players with the highest active player base is around 874k which was recorded on the 8th of Feb,2020. The major change on the player base is observed due to the game is made free by the developers on the occasion of the 20th anniversary. So you don’t even need to buy the game to start playing as it is absolutely free to play.

With that we can start by taking an option if you are good at playing CSGO, there are 3 options you can go for:

1. Provide Coaching To New Players

Provide Coaching To New Players To Earn Money
Provide Coaching to New Players

There are various websites like Fiverr, etc and Groups on Facebook dedicated to selling services where you can list your service of being a coach of CSGO. Listing costs on these websites are negligible and if you make a stand-out description and pricing of your service then you can easily get orders from people.


Once you get known in the community of your service you provide then it is easy to take a number of orders from the people.


You have to be patient for the orders to come sometimes it takes 1 week to 1month or maybe more it all depends on the publicity you provide for your service.

2. Streaming/Content Creator

Streaming/Content Creator Platform
Streaming/Content Creator

Youtube, Twitch, and Mixer are some of the most famous streaming platforms where you can showcase your natural talent of playing CSGO and reach your audience easily. You can stream on a daily basis or upload your montages of CSGO clips on these platforms. If you don’t want to show your gameplay then you can start by uploading montage videos of pro players or pro-Esports matches.


These platforms have a wide range of reach if you are a dedicated streamer. People will donate you if you show your skills or entertain them in any way possible. Monetization is also a way to earn when you reach a certain amount of followers and watch time on your account. If you become a known face on these platforms then you can get many deals offers from brands and big companies.


You have to be consistent and patient for your audience to grow because if you are streaming or uploading you need to think of things that why should a person will click to your video in order to watch it. Therefore, quality content and perspective of the viewers should be a priority as you are playing for them if you are on this platform.

3. Train to become a Pro Player

Train to become a Pro Player
Become a Pro player

This is one of the most difficult options out of all because pro players right now who are playing and winning tournaments was once a dedicated person who only want to become a pro player and it is like a job for them. It requires a certain amount of dedication and consistency to reach that level and if you successfully conquer it then you can easily participate in these tournaments.

For this, you can start by playing local tournaments or there are many websites that give cash prize if you win 1v1 or 5v5. Once you get the experience enough then you can apply for the selection process in Pro teams. So what are you thinking just start grinding the game if you want to be a pro player.


Once you are selected by a pro team agency, then you will get free exposure and also, brands will approach you automatically.


It requires a great amount of dedication and it is very time-consuming as it is not easy for many people to achieve that level of concentration.


If you play for fun and you are not that good in CSGO then these 3 options are best for you.

1. Betting on Pro CSGO matches

Betting on Pro CSGO matches
CS: GO Betting

You need a pretty decent amount of knowledge about the team and pro players if you want to place a bet in these matches. Websites like betway.com, csgoempire.com, etc provide a legal way where you can place a bet with cash or skins from your inventory. It is legal and 50-50 probability of winning and the chances will increase if you have good knowledge of the game.


It is the easiest way to earn through CSGO as it requires no skill but some knowledge and luck


It is a 50-50 chance of winning and if you lose you have you give everything you placed the bet on. Also, it is a kind of addiction and I personally don’t suggest you because there are many cases in the world where people have lost all their money on these betting websites.

2. Trading Online

Trading Online Of csgo Skins
Online trading

Trading is a traditional way to earn money where you trade your weapon skins to other people in return for money or other skins. There are many third-party websites that provide these trading options but Valve after watching these trade exploitations have put a restriction on it by giving 7 days trade ban on the new items that you receive from any person.


You can easily cash out your weapon skins through the trusted 3rd party websites.


By adding new restrictions on trading it is very time consuming, and many websites that are not trusted can fool you by acquiring all your skins at once so thorough study of these websites is required.

3. You can sell your CSGO accounts

You can sell your CSGO accounts
Selling csgo accounts

Selling and boasting CSGO accounts comes under the same topic where you firstly boast a CSGO account to Prime level i.e 21 level account or you can open the rank of the CSGO account after winning 10 matches then you can sell it to third party websites for money.


It is easy and one of the convenient way of earning money by playing CSGO


Very time consuming and money you get is not that great on the amount of time you will give.

In the end, you can summarize the discussion by saying that you have to love this CSGO in order to earn money because if you do not like it then you will get frustrated at some point.

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