Far Cry 6 Global launch Date Released : Facts we should know about this new game

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After Far Cry 5, which was released in 2018, now it’s time for Far Cry 6 to be released. There are some facts you should know about Far Cry 6 before its release worldwide. Far Cry 6 is a forthcoming game, which is developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. This game is going to be released on October 7, 2021. This first-person shooter game is designed by Ted Timmins and composed by Pedro Bromfman. This game was supposed to be released earlier on February 8, 2020. But due to the disastrous Covid- 19 pandemic release date, it is postponed and now it is all set to be launched this October.

Gamers can play it on MS Windows, PlayStation 4, consoles, Sony PlayStation 5, XBOX One, Xbox series, Amazon Luna, stadia, PC series. This game has included a no of big changes.  Single-player or multiplayer can play at a time.


This game has featured Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito as president Anton Castillo of the island Yara. Castillo is making his son Diego ready for leadership. This game will let gamers feel and experience the fictional world as regional Yaran and orphan military dropout Dani Rojas. Dani Rojas is the one who has left the army in order to join revolutionaries and save the island. There is a diversity in the animals living over the island. These are crocodiles, storks, flamingos, and domesticated animals too. Anton, Diego, Dani are the absolute crucial characters for this game.


Ubisoft has released its first gameplay video on May 28 which reveals the tropical city of Yara. This game is set in the background of Anton Castillo’s barbarous control that kindles revolt across the whole country. Anton has been ruling for 50 years. In this game, players will basically be a part of the revolt to rescue Yara from bloodthirsty dictator Anton Castillo and his son Diego.


Gameplay of Far Cry 6
Image Credit: Far Cry 6

Players will control their operations from hidden guerrilla camps together with the soldiers and resources. Players can access to play the role of villains but with the season pass only, such as Vass Montenegro from Far Cry 3, Joseph Seed From Far Cry 5, Pagon Minn from Far Cry 4. We will see Fangs for Hire system, that was in the Far Cry 5 for the very first time. It gives permission to players to engage animal companions to join their fight. This game includes several areas within the islands like villages, waterfall, beaches, forests – all that we get to know from the trailer. Rebels on Yara island use vehicles to move around but in case any vehicle is not accessible they can ride on horseback also.

To bring the former glory of the island Castillo rule the Caribbean island Yara with an iron fist. Navid Khavari is the narrative director of this game stated that all the aspects of this game are developed in such a way that one will feel like a real guerilla fighter. Due to the lack of guns for hire, this time other NPCs like animal pals are with the players. Human amigos are no more a part of it. There is a dog called Chorizo also in the game me and will help to battle against Castillo. The cute dog Chorizo transports equipment with its wheelchair. It can distract enemies by its cuteness. And that domesticated crocodile kills rivals on command. Players will get to operate weapons like guns and special weapons like rocket launchers, jetpacks, flamethrowers, CD launchers.

Female Character

Female Character of Far cry 6
Image Credit: Far Cry 6

Players can play the role of Dani as a male or as a female.  Depending on your gender, Dani’s voice will be controlled by either Scan Rey or Nisa Gunduz. Some photos can be displayed on-screen during playing the game, to find out mission locations, which makes the island more interesting to explore. New weapons are modified devices that need items that are available throughout Yara. These are flamethrower, minigun, CD launcher.

Price Of The Game

The quality edition of Far Cry 6 is available for pre-order on PlayStation and Xbox India stores for rupees 3990. Gold edition costs rupees 6499 where the ultimate edition is available for free booking for rupees 7999.  It can also be accessed via Ubisoft, the subscription service of the company. Players can download this game from the game store or from the Ubisoft store. The title of this game will run in 4k resolution at 60fps on PlayStation 5 AND Microsoft Xbox Series X. Arcade mode is not available in this new game. There will be definitely a co-op in Far Cry 6.

Because of some unique settings, this game is going to be interesting. The trailer of it has got much love, support, and positive response from the players worldwide.

NOTE: If players get any email regarding access to Far Cry 6 beta, they should avoid the email, as it is some sort of email scam. Famous YouTuber theRadBrad drew attention tweeting about the scam and Ubisoft itself responded and suggested to ignore this kind of emails.

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