How To Be PRO In Among Us

How to be Pro in Among Us

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Everybody is playing the game Among Us right now due to its popularity. But I have seen many people making the same mistake of trusting their crewmate without any confirmation. It is hard to get betrayed more than one time. The same goes for the person who plays imposter foolishly. Today I will show some Tips & Tricks that will definitely help you guys to become a Pro in Among Us.

#1 Camera Trick

camera system in among us
image credit:- Among Us

If you see the red light above the camera situated at these 4 places. It means someone in the security camera is watching you. If you are an imposter planning to kill someone than wait till the red light went off. Also, be careful to wait some time as players try to bait you by getting off the camera and again switching to the camera for the information. So play every move smartly.

#2 Skip the Screen

starting screen of among us
image credit:- Among Us

Tap on the phone’s screen or click if you are playing on the PC while on the loading animation screen. It will help you skip the animation screen and you can take positions earlier than anybody else. It is like an early start for you to take a position during the game.

#3 Imposter can’t do tasks

Tasks given by the system cannot be performed by the imposter. Pretending is the best option that can imposter can do. So how to find that if the person is an imposter or not? There are two options to verify anyone.

First is the visual tasks that can help you identify someone whether he is an imposter or not. Visual tasks after doing it have animations that confirm its completion. If someone is pretending it and nothing happens after his move from the task’s place than the guy is an imposter. For example, the above picture shows the task in MedBay which has a unique animation of doing the task. Someone doing it with the animation can clearly be a crewmate and you can trust him/her for the game.

image credit:- Among Us

Second is the single task of the game. There are many single tasks given to every crewmate which needs to be performed at different places. The special thing about it is that if someone is doing it and it increases the gauge present at the top right corner after the completion. Then he is surely a crewmate but if someone is pretending to be doing it and nothing happens after his move from there. Then he is faking it to be a crewmate.

#4 Finishing in the Jam

image credit:- Among Us

If you are an imposter than you have to be smart in every move when you are alone. But if you see a pack of people doing tasks in the same place then you can easily take advantage of that situation and get a kill. No one can blame you as the place was crowded and get off very easily.

#5 Finishing from a distance

image credit:- Among Us

It is not necessary for an imposter to come close to finish a crewmate. As soon as a red outline appears on the crewmate, you can finish them.

#6 Sabotage Like a Pro

sabotage like a pro in among us
image credit:- Among Us

Emergency and closing the doors are the advantages that imposters get in Sabotage Tab. To play it smartly you have to be patient as if the crewmates fail to complete the task within the time limit then they automatically lose the game. There are 4 places where you can sabotage it.

  • 02 requires 2 people to complete the task.
  • Reactor requires 2 people to complete the task.
  • Electrical require 1 person to complete the task
  • Communications require 1 person to complete the task

#7 Communication Sabotage  

If you are an imposter than you can choose to go for Communication sabotage when the taskbar is about to get filled. There are 2 advantages of doing Communication sabotage.

  • Admin panel and Security cameras get no signal.
  • Tasks of the cremates will be hidden on the map and the game.

#8 Vents is a lifeline

vent through the map in among us
image credit:- Among Us

Imposters can move through vents quickly to chase the crewmates or hide from them. The complete vent path is described in the above picture. You can make use of vents and sabotages to finish off the crewmates without getting noticed. There are places that can completely get sealed off like MedBay, Electrical, Admin, etc. You can easily trap your enemies inside the area and use vent to clear the crewmates one by one.

#9 Name is the real Game

confusing through name change
image credit:- Among Us

To make it more confusing just rename to any different color from your skin color in the game. This can help you in many ways and if all the players are doing the same then it will become very interesting to find out the real culprit among the crewmates.

#10 Admin Panel

admin panel of among us
image credit:- Among Us

Using the admin panel is so beneficial for winning against the imposters. It can help by giving the info of the crewmates in different areas of the map even the imposter hiding in the vent. It just can’t tell you the name of the person in different areas, it only marks the number of people in a particular area.

One more thing which can help you by determining the exact position of the kill. If you’re watching the admin panel and you saw a blink in the area where 2 or more people are there then it confirms the kill by the imposter. Then you can easily run down the place where the kill was made and the person coming out from there is surely the imposter.

My Conclusion

Among Us is a social deduction game where your intelligence and presence of mind are tested. This is a perfect game that can be played with friends and family. These tips and tricks can easily help in gaining a little edge over other players. Now it is up to you how to combine these tricks to outplay the crewmates while being an imposter or help catch the imposter when you are one of the crewmates.


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