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Full tutorial of Among Us

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Among Us is one of the most played online multiplayer games in recent times. The game which was initially streamed by Twitch streamer Sodapoppin in July 2020 took a huge leap to its popularity ever since.  Other streamers also started streaming this unique game which led to the massive growth of the player base of the game till now.

If you are now still wondering what is this game all about. We are here to clarify every detail about the tasks, maps, and how to play it.

What is Among Us

what is among us
Image Credit:- Among Us

Among Us is a game of survival, teamwork, and betrayal developed by InnerSloth and available on Android, iOS, and Windows. Players can play as an Imposter or a crewmate which the system randomly chooses.

You can play with a minimum of 4 players to a max of 10 players depending on the number of players one can also choose the number of imposters in the game. The game can be played online or you can also play on local Wifi connectivity

Setting up Among Us Servers

On the main screen, you have to decide whether you want to play with your friends or you can join a public lobby.

if you choose to play with your friends then you can host a game where you can share the room code with your friends and make it “private”.

Hosting a game has some perks while you can add or reduce the number of tasks, players, and imposters. You can also choose the chat language and map

How to play Among Us

how to play among us
Image Credit:- Among Us

The basic thing to start playing Among Us is the study the map. You can navigate the area using the map which is available at the top right corner of the interface. The map describes all the area’s route and the name of each area.

Objectives of the game (The Crew)

objectives of the crew in among us
Image Credit:- Among Us
  • complete the tasks to fill the bar present at the top right of the game.
  • recover the Sabotages made by the imposters
  • when you find an imposter, call the emergency meeting immediately present at the spawn.
  • when you find a dead body report it.
  • For the movement of players, you can go for Admin Map and Security.

Objectives of the game (The Imposter)

objectives of the imposters in Among Us
Image Credit:- Among Us

Imposter’s main objective is to pretend to be a crewmate while creating problems and killing them to win the game. For this imposter can do:-

  • Use vents to travel through places quickly.
  • Sabotage areas to stop the progression of crewmates.
  • Win trust by pretending to do tasks.
  • Close doors to traps the victims.
  • Play around and find solo victims to kill them one after another between cooldowns.

Gameplay of Among Us

gameplay of among us
Image Credit:- Among Us

During the game, no one is allowed to talk to make the game fair btw imposter and the crewmates. if any of the crewmates are killed by the imposters then also you are not allowed to talk until the end of the game. The same goes for the imposter if gets kicked out due to suspicion or anything through vote-out then also he is not allowed to talk until the game ends. Ghosts of both the team are allowed to complete tasks and sabotage respectively.

Discussion Time

among us in discussion time
Image Credit:- Among Us

The most important part to kick out the imposter is the discussion time. It is called when someone reports a dead body or the emergency meetings. Both the imposter and the crewmates can call an emergency meeting or report a dead body to bring out the discussion time.

Now is the time when everybody who is alive gets a chance to talk to decide who is the suspect or the imposter among them. Ghosts are not allowed to speak as mentioned above. As there is only a chat system in the game therefore for the conversation you have to use Apps like Discord.

After the discussion is done, all the alive members get the chance to vote out a single crewmate. All crewmates can also choose to skip the vote if the information provided by all is less avoiding an innocent ejection. Now it is up to you how you play as an imposter convincing others and at the same time deceiving them or as a crewmate working along with teammates and gathering information to kick out the imposter.

Maps and Different Tasks

There are 3 maps in this game- The Skeld, Polus, and Mira HQ

The Skeld

map of among us - The Skeld
Image Credit:- Among Us

The map is based on a space ship and it is the first map of the Among Us which was included in the Among Us.

Tasks Of Skeld (Area where it is found)

  • Align Engine Output (Upper Engine & Lower Engine)
  • Calibrate Distributor (Electrical)
  • Chat Course (Navigation)
  • Clean O2 Filter (O2)
  • Clear Asteroids (Weapons)
  • Divert Power (Electrical, Communications, Lower Engine, Navigation, O2, Reactor, Security, Shields, or Upper Engine)
  • Empty Chute (O2, Storage)
  • Empty Garbage (Cafeteria, Storage)
  • Fix Wiring (Admin, Cafeteria, Electrical, Navigation, Security, or Storage)
  • Fuel Engines  (Storage, Lower Engine, Storage, Upper Engine)
  • Inspect Sample (MedBay)
  • Prime Shields (Shields)
  • Stabilize Steering (Navigation)
  • Start Reactor (Reactor)
  • Submit Scan (MedBay)
  • Swipe Card (Admin)
  • Unlock Manifolds (Reactor)
  • Upload Data (Cafeteria, Communications, Electrical, Navigation, or Weapons, and Admin)


map of among us - MIRA HQ
Image Credit:- Among Us

It is the second map and is based on the Earth’s atmosphere inside the headquarters of the company MIRA.

Tasks Of MIRA HQ

  • Align Telescope (Laboratory)
  • Assemble Artifact (Laboratory)
  • Buy Beverage (Cafeteria)
  • Chat Course (Admin)
  • Clean O2 Filter (Greenhouse)
  • Clear Asteroids (Balcony)
  • Divert Power (Reactor, and Admin, Cafeteria, Communications, Greenhouse, Laboratory, Launchpad, MedBay, or Office)
  • Empty Garbage (Cafeteria)
  • Enter ID Code (Admin)
  • Fix Wiring (Greenhouse, Hallway, Laboratory, Locker Room, or Storage)
  • Fuel Engines (Launchpad)
  • Measure Weather (Balcony)
  • Prime Shields (Admin)
  • Process Data (Office)
  • Run Diagnostics (Launchpad)
  • Sort Samples (Laboratory)
  • Start Reactor (Specimen Room)
  • Submit Scan (MedBay)
  • Unlock Manifolds (Reactor)
  • Water Plants (Storage, and Greenhouse)


Map of Among Us - Polus
Image Credit:- Among Us

The map is set on a planet named Polus

Tasks of Polus

  • Align Telescope (Laboratory)
  • Chat Course (Dropship)
  • Clear Asteroids (Weapons)
  • Empty Garbage (O2)
  • Fill Canisters (O2)
  • Fix Weather Node (Outside, and Laboratory)
  • Fix Wiring (Decontamination, Electrical, Laboratory (one of two locations), O2, or Office)
  • Fuel Engines (Storage, and Outside)
  • Insert Keys (Dropship)
  • Inspect Sample (Laboratory)
  • Monitor Tree (O2)
  • Open Waterways (Boiler Room, and Outside)
  • Reboot Wifi (Communications)
  • Record Temperature (Laboratory, or Outside)
  • Repair Drill (Laboratory)
  • Replace Water Jug (Boiler Room, and Office)
  • Scan  Boarding Pass (Office)
  • Start Reactor (Specimen Room)
  • Store Artifacts (Specimen Room)
  • Submit Scan (Laboratory)
  • Swipe Card (Office)
  • Unlock Manifolds (Specimen Room)
  • Upload Data (Electrical, O2, Office, Specimen Room, or Weapons, and Communications)

Practice Mode

There is also a free mode where you can practice your strategy and study the map to improve your imposter skills.

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