How To Use Gyroscope In PUBG Mobile

How to use Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile

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People often get confused about choosing the right sensitivity between the Gyroscope or the ADS for controlling the recoil in the game.  In my view, controlling the recoil by using Gyroscope sensors is way easier than using thumb or finger spray control. If you have steady hands and position of the phone then it will be easy to handle the spray control vertically and horizontally. It will take time to control the Gyroscope settings but once you get comfortable then it will so much easier than ADS settings. Let’s start by discussing one by one how to use Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile.

What is Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile?

Gyroscope is simply are the inbuilt motion sensors of mobile phones. They can be used to control the player’s movement or other actions like the spray controls using the motion of mobile phones. It is mainly used for the aiming purpose in PUBG Mobile.

Vertical Spray Control Using Gyroscope

There are two ways you can use to control the vertical recoil of the game.

  • By Wrist movement:- Vertical spray pattern is controlled by the up and down movement of the wrist only rest all the body part are kept locked or at rest.
  • By Elbow movement:- Vertical spray is controlled using the up and down movement of the elbow keeping the hand and wrist movement locked and gripped to the mobile phone.

Elbow Vs Wrist Movement in Gyroscope

It is up to you what way you chose to control the vertical spray of the guns. One thing to clear out that the spray control by any method you choose from above mentioned should be in the correct position and support from the body.  It becomes difficult for some people to control the spray leaving the hand free making the spray control a bit shaky to control it.

To control it you can keep a pillow to support your arms. The decision to keep a pillow is all up to you. If you are comfortable without a pillow and you have a good grip on your phone while playing PUBG mobile then it’s ok to not use support while controlling your spray.

After getting comfortable you can practice in the training range by fixing a target and try to control the recoil around that target. It will take some time to master it but once you get comfortable it is more worth than the finger or thumb spray control.

Horizontal Spray Control Using Gyroscope

Horizontal spray control is one of the difficult things to master while learning the Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile. Again there are two ways to control the horizontal recoil of the spray.

  • By Wrist movement:- Horizontal spray pattern is controlled by putting pressure on one side by one hand to the other and rotating sideways from where the pressure is applied. For example, if you want to rotate right while tracing then put pressure from the left hand to the mobile phone keeping the right hand locked, and try to rotate it.
  • By Body movement:- Horizontal spray is controlled by the movement of the Body making the handgrip locked to the Mobile phone.

The thing while controlling the Horizontal spray in addition to the Vertical spray is all movement-based. You might feel difficult to cope up with the movement of both the direction while controlling the spray initially but with practice, you can make the timing and precision of the movement very easy.

Things to do before using Gyroscope Settings

How to practice in Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile

There are a couple of points which is necessary to do before using Gyroscope settings for the PUBG Mobile.

  • A strong grip on the phone is very critical so the proper positioning of the body is a must. You can’t play laying down.
  • The practice is a must thing and for that, you can do one thing. Practice using the Scar-L without attachments and using different scopes like Red dots or 6X for a few days. Try to control the recoil with gyroscope settings only. After perfection, you can change to another gun or chose to control the Scar-L only with attachments. You will know the improvement after practicing without the attachments. (Note:- I chose to practice with Scar-L because controlling the spray control of Scar-L is one of the difficult weapons to control in the game)
  • Before practice, change the ADS settings to 1. It is because of the stability of the Gyroscope settings. Sometimes while spraying using Gyroscope settings,  people by mistake touch the screen with their fingers. This will change the aiming while shooting and spraying in the game. Making ADS settings to 1 will completely make the aiming and spraying dependent only on the Gyroscope settings.
  • Horizontal recoil is more difficult than Vertical recoil. You must invest more time learning horizontal spraying.
  • Note your progress on a weekly basis.
  • You can try using the PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings of different Pro players but don’t copy their playstyle. It is more important that you get comfortable with the settings rather than becoming more uncomfortable copying others.

My Conclusion

See here I simply suggested the easy way to use the Gyroscope in PUBG mobile. Surely all things will end with you how you want o play this game. You can go for the Gyroscope settings or the ADS settings depending upon the comfort level of your gameplay.

If you choose to go with Gyroscope then surely you have to practice hard as “Practice makes a person perfect”. If you are determined and keep on practicing these steps then surely you will ease out using the Gyroscope settings.

Also, I use wrist movement for vertical spray control with a combination of body movement for horizontal spray control. It’s up to you to choose the best combination for your spray controlling. So go in the practice range give some days of practice. Find your best suitable settings for your PUBG mobile gameplay and enjoy the game.

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