Is PS5 Worth Buying? (Full Comparison with PS4)

Sony Playstation 5 hardware Features

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SONY PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Full Hardware Review
Image Courtesy – SONY

It took 7 whole years for SONY to make a well upgraded and crafted version of PlayStation 4. We are talking about the super sleek looking PlayStation 5. With its Hardware and it’s accessories sneak peek video released last month. Everybody has one main question in mind – Is PS5 Worth buying as compared to PS4?

So let’s not waste any time more and dive into the SONY’s PlayStation 5 Hardware and it’s new and evolved technology.

Sleek White Hardware Body Of PS5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
Image Courtesy – SONY

The new PlayStation 5 will come in 2 variants that are the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Awesome right?
The major difference between both is the PS5 editions is that the former version and the new PS5 Standard Version have a disc drive but it’s Digital Edition will have an optical blue-ray drive. Above that most importantly it will not require gaming discs to play games on it rather it will promote digital downloading of the video games directly to SSD storage. It will be great for users who don’t like changing games by replacing CDs from the console and preventing them from getting damaged. I know the pain of CDs getting damaged by carelessness.

Yes, the price difference is also there between the two editions which will be later revealed by SONY itself in the fourth quarter. But, right now let’s discuss the Hardware part of PlayStation 5.

Basically the PS5 is working on AMD‘s CPU & GPU system which involves:-

  • CPU:- A 8-Core AMD Zen 2 Processor working on variable frequency (Maximum working frequency at 3.5 GHz).
  • GPU:- A custom AMD based RDNA 2 (Powering unit for your games for better visualizing and performance of the game).
  • Storage:- Memory Storage is 16 GB GDDR6 SDRAM & Internal Storage is customizable 825 GB SSD (Solid State Drive).

Other hardware Features of PS5

PlayStation 5 Hardware Review
Image Courtesy – SONY
  • Display Format:- Available through HDMI (Supporting 480p, 720p , 1080i, 1080p, 4K Ultra HD, 8K Ultra HD).
  • Ports Available:- USB compatible port for external HDD and SSD expansion through NVM Express or NVMHCIS (Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface Specification).
  • Sound System:- Custom Built 3D Audio engine named Tempest Engine.

Are you still impressed or you want more? If you are still not satisfied with the hardware part then the next section is just for you.

New PS5 Dual Sense Controller

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller
Image Courtesy – SONY

The Dual Sense or the Dual Shock Controller is the upgraded version of Dual shock 4 Controller with most of the buttons and its functionality is kept the same. Recreating the model with new features added with a Sleek Body on top. It is like a special touch by SONY company to introduce the best controller in the market till now.

Features Of the Controller That will blow Your Mind!

PS4 Vs PS5 Controller Comparison
Image Courtesy – SONY
  • The R2 & L2 are now adaptive triggers to let players play hassle-free while aiming.
  • With built-in speakers and USB port, the Ps5 controller has a built-in microphone too with a headphone jack for better gaming experience while playing online.
  • The Dual Sense controller is wider and thicker than the last edition one to improve the comfort of handling. Also, extra rubber grip is added to both the handles so you don’t have to worry about the slipping of thumb due to sweating.  Now, there is no gap between the L1 & L2 and R1 & R2 for easy Switching between the 2 buttons.
  • The Share button is now changed to Create Button for uploading your epic game moments with your voiceovers with just a press. It integrated the console with Facebook & Twitch sharing.
  • The Navigation through the voice commands is also a Superb added feature to the controller. You can control the navigation using the built-in microphone inside the controller. Now you can save the game file before a boss fight or record something with just a voice command.

Additional Accessories

PlayStation 5 other accessories features
Image Courtesy – SONY

3D Sound Wireless Headset

PlayStation 5 pulse 3d headset
Image Courtesy – SONY

The futuristic look of the PS5 headset is so perfect that anyone can become flattered just by seeing it. The new 3D sound technology offered by Sony company will give you a great gaming experience not just on VRs but in normal gaming too.
Please note that the Headphones are wireless, so you can play while dancing too, Great thing right!

Dual Sense Charging Station

PlayStation 5 Charging Station
Image Courtesy – SONY

With the upgraded controller requires modern ease for charging it. So, SONY came up with a very simple way of charging the Dual Sense Controller through charging stations that can accommodate two at a time. The controllers have USB-C connectivity which is compatible with the charging station.

PS5 Media Remote Controller

PlayStation 5 media remote
Image Courtesy – SONY

A simple and sleek remote controller with a built-in mic system for navigation purposes. There are 4 other programmable buttons with simple navigation buttons. The purpose of these 4 buttons is that they can be used directly to launch to a particular site. It is self-programmable which means you can you yourself program these 4 buttons according to your need like launching the Netflix directly on the press of the remote controller. The final update of the Media Remote design will come up with the release announcement by SONY itself so stay tuned.

High Definition Camera

PlayStation 5 HD Camera
Image Courtesy – SONY

High Definition Broadcasting with your family and friends or Streaming around the world can be easily by the HD Camera. It will involve having some applications with the PlayStation VR & PlayStation Move fore the VR gaming. Right now it is unclear about the full working of the HD Camera other than Streaming & Online Chatting with friends. The SONY will soon update with its functionality.

New Transformed Software Of The PS5

PlayStation 5 AMD Software
Image Courtesy – SONY

The PlayStation 5’s new software added the voice control system through PS5 controller and Media remote. The Sony company said that they have reworked the whole system and completely transformed the PlayStation software so that users don’t need to boot up the system in order to update it. A real-time updating system with a better and more informative user-friendly interface will be provided to the users.

As we have seen all the hardware and software which will be offered with PS5 release. But still, the major question is not answered that you will be waiting till now.

Is PS5 Worth buying?

Let’s first compare the previous version with the upcoming one than we can have a clear picture.

PS4 Vs PS5 System Comparison

PS4 vs PS5 full features comparison
Image Courtesy – SONY
Comparison OfPlayStation 4PlayStation 5
Price372$ (Base Model)499$
CPU8 Core AMD x86-64 Jaguar CPU8 Core AMD Zen 2
GPUAMD GEN Radeon Integrated APUAMD RDNA 2
Storage (External)500GB, 1TB, 2TB HDD (Supports SDD too)825 GB SSD customizable
Storage (Internal)8GB GDDR516GB GDDR6 SDRAM
Video OutputHDMI Output (480p, 720p, 1080i,1080p)HDMI Output (480p, 720p, 1080i,1080p, 4K UHD & 8K UHD)

My Conclusion

Is PS5 Worth Buying
Image Courtesy – SONY

Keeping all the above things in mind and knowing the fact that after the release of PS5. All game developers will automatically shift the PlayStation games to PS5 compatible. Also, the new high-end games that will be released after SONY launches PS5 will be made PS5 exclusive only.

If the expected price is around 500$ for the base model of the PlayStation 5 then it is a hell of good news for the gamers as it will be totally worth it. With time the graphics of the game is improving very fast and the Console should also have to keep on upgrading to cope up with the changes to give the best gaming experience to the gamers. SONY is showing the future of gaming and has worked for over 7 years to launch this perfect gaming project which is expected to be released in the final quarter of 2020. Also, it will be great to see the Xbox series X Vs PS5 competition later this year.

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