Is Valorant Better Than CSGO Right Now?

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At this point, you have already heard about this new game “Valorant” developed by Riot Games which is the new FPS competitive game developed by riot games to fight the all-time best FPS game in the Esports that is Counter-Strike. Is Valorant better than CSGO as it is considered to be the Best Shooting Game for PC right now by many gaming sites.

For a very long time, counter Strike has a prominent place in the Esports because of which the player base of the CS always remains high and constant no matter what. But the cheaters in the game are the main consent to every legit player which gives time to CSGO. After the last year’s update by the valve to make the counter strike free to all the number of cheater increased exponentially making the experience of new players very harsh.

Image credit – Riot Games

If Valorant makes a better move to convict the cheaters in the game then it is a better option than Counter-Strike for the new players who want to play competitive games. But right now there is a controversy upon the riot games to use an anti-cheat system which can be exploited by third parties and its owner the Tencent company which can spy on users’ data but the riot games gave an explanation that they do not collect or send users data.


The gameplay of Valorant has many aspects of Counter-Strike with a little touch of Overwatch which is a very different experience for the online competitive gamers. A player can play as a part of the attacking team or defending team. Each team consists of 5 players.

The main objective of each team is to eliminate the other team members but the attackers can also win by planting the spike(which is like C4) on the bombsite and let it detonate by protecting it for a fixed time frame than attacking team wins the round else if defending team can diffuse the spike then depending teams wins the round. If the attacking team fails to plant the spike or eliminate the defending team members then also the defending team wins the round. the game is divided into 2 halves each consist of 12 rounds.

It is the best of 24 rounds per game unlike the best of 30 rounds in CSGO.

Additional to this many features of this game include:-

  • all servers are 128 tick.
  • starting with 10 agents right now, the riot game will provide more agents soon.
  • each agent has different to play with.
  • one can hope for weapon and character cosmetics soon.

System Requirements

The game developers have divided the fps system into 3 groups according to the system available to the gamers.

Minimum requirement 

  • For 30 FPS gameplay
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • CPU: Intel i3-370M
  • GPU: Intel HD 3000 (1GB VRAM)

Recommended requirement 

  • For 60 FPS gameplay
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • CPU: Intel i3-370M
  • GPU: Intel HD 3000 (1GB VRAM)

High-end requirement and above 

  • For 144+ FPS gameplay
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2Ghz
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti (1GB VRAM)

Valorant’s Characters And Their Abilities

as of now riot game has introduced 10 agents but the developers have promised to add more characters to this list to provide a list of characters to play with.


Image credit – Riot Games

Phoenix is a fierce character from the United Kingdom who is aggressive in his fighting ability with the use of fire abilities to tackle his enemies.


  • Blaze:-  ability summons a firewall which blocks the vision as well as hurt which the players passing through it
  • Curveball:- a curving flare that temporarily blinds the enemy in the range.
  • Signature: Hot Hands:- a fireball that explodes upon hitting the ground which damages the enemies but heals you.
  • Ultimate: Run it back:- ability marks your current location which instantly respawns you when the timer expires or you get knocked out during the timer with full HP.


Image credit – Riot Games

Jett has a lithe and acrobatic fighting style. She belongs to South Korea. Her agility and knives can take out any enemy instantly.


  • Cloudburst:- It is a smoke grenade which expands when it hits the ground for a limited duration.
  • Updraft:- Ability to launch herself for a brief time.
  • Signature: Tailwind:- the ability to dash forward in crosshair direction.
  • Ultimate: Blade Storm:- invokes throwing knives which can be thrown as burst fire which is set to throw all knives or single throw at a time. Getting a kill will refill your daggers again to full ability.


Image credit – Riot Games

A United States comrade uses her chemical devices to take advantage of her enemies on the battlefield. Her tactics and mind tricks can outplay any enemy during the game.


  • Snakebite:- A canister is launched on the floor which creates a pool of toxic flooring that damages and slows down the enemy.
  • Poison Cloud:- an ability which she uses a poisonous smoke in exchange for the fuel. The gas emitter can be picked up and used after a short cooldown period.
  • Signature: Toxic Screen:- A long wall of toxic gas is created in exchange for fuel.
  • Ultimate: Viper’s Pit:- a very large toxic gas chamber is created which lasts as long as she is present there. Viper can take advantage of the chamber as the enemies inside it are highlighted for her.


Image credit – Riot Games

A Russian scouter which is specialized in finding hidden enemies and thereby eliminating them by the use of custom bow and arrow. He has precision as well as efficiency to track any enemy.


  • Shock Bolt:- A shock emitting arrow that effects the nearby players upon explosion is fired towards the enemy.
  • Owl Drone:- Sova has a small owl drone that can scout and shoot darts on enemy players. And these darts help in marking the enemy location
  • Signature: Recon Bolt:- Firing of an arrow that can mark the enemies nearby as long as the arrow stays in the position where it hits. Holding of the fire extents its range of projectile while alternative firing adds bounces (maximum to 2) after the first collision.
  • Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury:- wall piercing 3 overpowered bow and arrow shots can be fired which travels along the map length and is very damaging to the players hit by these shots. It also marks the location of the enemies if they are hit by the powered arrow.


Image credit – Riot Games

Cypher is the spying specialist from Morocco which can easily outmaneuver the enemies and thereby knocking them down with his intelligence and spying ability.


  • Trapwire:- Placing of tripwire along two walls that can be picked and reused which reveals an enemy’s position who crosses it for a small duration.
  • Cyber Cage:- A trap is created for the enemies which slows the enemies and blocks vision.
  • Signature: Spycam:- manually control spy camera that can shoot darts on enemies once stuck it can track enemies.
  • Ultimate: Neural Theft:- The ability reveals the location from the dead enemy’s body.


Image credit – Riot Games

He is a heavy weapon specialist from the United States who always keeps his team an advantage by using the smokes and different bomb bombardment techniques.


  • Incendiary:- uses his incendiary grenade launcher to fire up an area thereby damaging the enemies inside the zone.
  • Stim Beacon:- ability granted to rapid-fire in an area where the stim beacon is used.
  • Signature: Sky Smoke:- Multiple smokescreens is created using the map.
  • Ultimate: Orbital Strike:- the ability to bombard multiple strikes on the selected area for a time frame.


Image credit – Riot Games

A medical specialist from China who can revive and heal teammates on the battlefield.


  • Slow Orb:- a slow orb is thrown to create a zone that can slow down anyone present in the zone.
  • Barrier Orb:- barrier orb is thrown to create a solid wall on its impact.
  • Signature: Healing Orb:- a very powerful orb that heals you and teammates for a time-frame.
  • Ultimate: Resurrection:- revive a dead teammate.


Image credit – Riot Games

omen is a quirky and clever person who loves to play mind games by teleporting and blinding enemy team thereby knocking them down very quickly. He likes to play mind games by teleporting around the map, striking and blinding enemies.


  • Paranoia:- With the help of shadow clone projected in crosshair direction in open space or through walls it can blind enemies for some time whosoever touches the shadow.
  • Shrouded Walk:- sneaky walk towards the marked location within the range of the ability.
  • Signature: Dark Cover:- an orb of shadow can be thrown from a range that creates a sphere of no vision for a time frame.
  • Ultimate: From The Shadows:- Firing this ability will start teleporting to the marked location. in between teleporting you will appear as omen’s shade which can be destroyed by the enemy team to stop the teleportation.


Image credit – Riot Games

With the seismic weapons, this Swedish man can break through the enemy territory with ease.


  • Aftershock:- An Explosive seismic charge is shooted through the walls and damages the enemies standing near the zone.
  • Flashpoint:- An Explosive seismic flash charge is fire through the walls that blinds enemies.
  • Signature: Fault Line:- a seismic quake is created along the line of crosshair that stuns the enemy players in the sight.
  • Ultimate: Rolling Thunder:- The powerful seismic waves that can travel through walls and thereby knocking the enemies in the range.


Image credit – Riot Games

A Brazilian explosive master that holds the ability to cause tremendous destruction in her line of sight.

  • Abilities

  • Blast Pack:- deploy a blast pack that will stick to any surface that can damage nearby enemies and also helps in jumping new heights for Raze without taking any damage.
  • Boom Bot:- she deploys an automatically controlled bot that is capable of exploding upon reaching towards the enemy. It locks the nearby enemy and chases if the bot is not destroyed by the enemy team than it explodes as soon as it reaches the enemy.
  • Signature: Paint Shells:- grenade is thrown to inflict damage upon hitting the surface and to create sub unites of the grenade which also causes some damage to nearby players. 
  • Ultimate: Showstopper:- One shot kill rocket attack to create massive damage at a particular area.


In all the game has a bright future for competitive game lovers as the game is a combination of aiming and using your character’s ability at the right time and position.


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