Is Xbox Series X Worth Buying?

Is Xbox Series X Worth Buying?

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Xbox Series X Overview

Xbox Series X Overview
image credit:- Microsoft Xbox

Xbox Series X is the fourth generation gaming console of the Xbox family by Microsoft. During the E3 event last year it was announced publically that Microsoft will release Xbox Series X in November 2020. Microsoft has said that they worked on hardware performance by decreasing the loading time and improved graphical visualization to the users. But the main question here “Is Xbox Series X worth buying?”

Let’s not waste any time more but before that, I will keep all things simple so that you can yourself analyze it if Xbox series X is worth buying or not.

Hardware Of Xbox Series X

Hardware of Xbox Series X
image credit:- Microsoft Xbox

Imagine a box like a Pandora Box which is capable of giving a great gaming experience Xbox Series X is similar to that of Pandora Box with dimension 15.1cm X 15.1cm X 30.1cm (length X breadth X height ) and black in color. It is very unique though it is quite heavy to handle (weight=4.45kgs) unlike any other console of the Xbox family. Now talking about the hardware features of Xbox Series X we have:-

CPU:- A 8 core AMD Zen 2 processor which is customizable up to 3.8 GHz.

GPU:- A custom based AMD Radeon RDNA 2 up to 1.825 (for best gaming visualization).

Storage:- Memory storage is 16 GB GDDR6 SDRAM and Internal storage is 1TB custom SSD.

Other Hardware features of Xbox Series X

Hardware features of Xbox Series X
image credit:- Microsoft Xbox

Display format:- Available in 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K, 8K resolution support.

Ports available:- USB port for storage expansion for SD card up to 2TB of storage.

Sound system:- Project Acoustics 3D audio system.

Quiet a powerful system Microsoft is offering to the people. This would be interesting to see the rivalry between both the console “PS5 VS Xbox Series X” who will prevail in the market.

According to the sources, the price of Xbox Series X will be around 500-600$ estimated. The price can fluctuate more as the Xbox One is still selling around 499.99$.

Note:- the price is speculated as nothing is out till now (1st September 2020) by Microsoft.

Accessories of Xbox Series X

Before discussing Xbox Series X’s accessories one thing I should point out one thing is that Microsoft has said that all the accessories of Xbox’s previous versions will be compatible with the Xbox Series X. It is a good move as the users don’t necessarily need to buy an extra controller rather person can use its previous version’s controller or choose to buy that controller which will be less costly than Series X’s controller.

Now I should give you a quick overview of accessories of Xbox Series X.

4th Generation Xbox Series X controller

4th Generation Xbox Series X controller
image credit:- Microsoft Xbox

The Series X controller will have all the key buttons structures as the previous controllers have which include:-

  • 2 Analog Sticks
  • 4 Action Buttons
  • 2 System Buttons (Menu and View Button)
  • Xbox Face Button
  • 4 Bumper Buttons
  • left direction pad

With that, a new “Share button” is also added tot he controller. This Share button is used to take screenshots and record gameplay while playing your favorite game. You can also share the screenshots and recorded videos to anyone by just pressing the Share button.

Microsoft has also made changes tot he overall design of the controller by adding a concave design directional pad and sleek and gripping body so that even a small kid of 8 years old can be comfortable playing games using the Series X controller. Series X controller will also support Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to connect it with mobile phones.

Other accessories include:-

  • Microsoft Xbox One Charging kit:- Used as batteries for your Xbox controllers replacing the AA batteries and also compatible with Xbox Series X controller
  • Kinect 2.0:- It is used for controlling the Xbox by use of action and spoken commands. Though Microsoft has ended its production it will be compatible with the Xbox Series X.
  • Xbox Media Remote:- Used for controlling the Xbox Menu option through the infrared driven Media remote.

Features of Xbox Series X

Features of Xbox Series X
image credit:- Microsoft Xbox

1. High Speed and Performance

By the use of custom 1Tb SSD and AMD’s CPU with powerful software, integration gives out powerful performance while gaming.

2. Don’t wait, play continuously and more

An interesting feature Microsoft has added to Xbox Series X where you can switch between multiple games quickly during the swapping game process, the console will automatically save your progress. Therefore the loading time of games is very much reduced.

3. Gaming Experience is more Thrilling

Driven by powerful CPU and GPU like AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA 2 respectively will likely give users 4k & 8K gaming experience and up to 120 FPS of gameplay.

4. Cooling System for Xbox Series X

A 3-way air outlet flow distributes the temperature of components equally inside the console to make it stay cool. Along with the innovative architecture of Xbox Series X, it will also have a split Motherboard, Heat sink system, Vapour Chamber, and the Cooling Fans allow the Xbox Series X console to work quietly and in a cool manner.

Comparison between Xbox Series X & Xbox One

Xbox Series X VS Xbox One
image credit:- Microsoft Xbox
Console NameXbox OneXbox Series X
Console launch price$499.99 (with Kinect) & $399.99 (without Kinect)Not Announced
Release date22 November 2013November 2020
MediaCD, DVD, Blu-ray disc, USB drive, DLNA ServersCD, DVD, Blu-ray disc, Ultra HD Blur-ray, USB drive, DLNA Servers, Custom 1TB SSD
CPU1.75 GHz AMD x86-64 8 core CPU3.8 GHz custom AMD Zen 2 eight-core CPU
GPU853 MHz AMD Radeon HD 7000 series DirectX 11.1, DirectX 12 based GPU1825 MHz AMD Custom RDNA 2 DirectX 12 based CPU
Memory Storage8 GB of DDR3 RAM @ 2133 MHz 68.3 GB/s, 32 MB ESRAM GPU frame buffer memory16 GB of GDDR6 RAM; 10 GB @ 560 GB/s, 6 GB @ 336 GB/s
Video I/O portsHDMI 1.4b Input, OutputHDMI 2.1
Video resolution [email protected][email protected]8K at 60fps, 4K at 60fps (up to 120fps), 1440p at 120fps, 1080p at 120fps, 720p at 120fps
Audio I/OHDMI 1.4b Input, Output & Optical ToslinkHDMI 2.1
Backward compatibilitySelected Xbox 360 gamesAll Xbox One games & Selected Xbox 360 games

My Conclusion

Xbox Series X VS PS5
image credit:- Microsoft Xbox

The console is soon going to be released along with the PlayStation 5 by SONY. Though the system of both the console is somewhat similar. But in my view, a slight edge can be given to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X because of its cooling capacity and decrease in load time ability of the console which is really a plus point for the gamers who enjoy spending time playing games. Also, I want to tell you about the new HALO Infinite game which will be given with the Series X console. So, it can be a game-changer for Xbox and Microsoft as HALO’s fanbase is pretty much huge.  Let’s hope for the best and it will be a good competition between the two consoles ones they get released in the market.


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