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As you have already heard from Jensen Huang (Founder & CEO of NVIDIA) about the new and better NVIDIA 3000 series graphics cards and their technology advancement from the last series of graphics cards. I will try to explain the things that the new 30 series will simply provide to the gamers and also provide you with the specifications, price, and release date of all the cards.

Jen-Hsun Jensen Huang
image credit:- NVIDIA

Before diving into the world of 3000 series graphics let’s get a quick overview of things that NVIDIA is offering to us:-

  • 2nd generation Ray Tracing
  • 3rd generation Tensor Cores
  • Faster & smooth frame rates
  • AI acceleration
  • First GPUs with HDMI 2.1 for 4K & 8K gaming
  • Very low Latency
  • 2x high performance compared to the previous series

These are the highlights of the 30 series NVIDIA cards that Jensen has explained in detail on the launch event but that’s not all. They have more interesting features that will make your PC like a beast for the hunt.

Release Date & Price of NVIDIA 3000 series cards

Release Date of NVIDIA 3000 series cards
image credit:- NVIDIA

The NVIDIA RTX cards are coming soon in the markets. Good thing is that the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 will be released in this month of 24th September & 17th September respectively and RTX will be released in October. While the lowest specs 3000 series graphic card that is RTX 3060 will be available soon.

The price of the cards follows:-

RTX Graphic cardPrice
RTX 3060Available Soon
RTX 3070499$
RTX 3080699$
RTX 30901499$

Software Specifications of the NVIDIA 3000 Series

Software Specifications of the NVIDIA 3000 Series
image credit:- NVIDIA

NVIDIA has come this time with very powerful graphics cards that are faster and nearly double the performance of the previous editions of the NVIDIA cards. The changes they made in their 3000 series is very commendable because of these features:-

1.) Low Latency

The input lag of the game which makes the games less reactive thereby increasing the reaction time of the gamers. The 3000 series will indulge G-Sync and technologies that will decrease the input lag drastically and will also the users to optimize the latency of the system.

It will help reduce the mouse input lag by increasing the PC response. It will be all the difference that will make you win the game or not.

2.) 2x High Performance

Let’s talk about the architecture of 3000 series which makes it work at 2x speed. First is the Ampere driven architecture along with driver optimization for high-speed working and memory compression for high performance of the game. This time NVIDIA has given out max performance nearly double of the previous-generation NVIDIA cards at high resolution and max out settings of the game.

3.) 2nd Generation Ray Tracing

This time NVIDIA has used Ray Tracing cores for making the visualization of the game better. But two things we have to know here is what is ray tracing? And is it really important to have ray tracing in games?

So going with the first question that what is ray tracing? Ray tracing is the behavior of the light and the shadows that make games more appealing to the viewers. Basically how light and shadow works in real life is defined by the ray tracing and this technique helped the developers to create virtual lightning in the games.

Is it that important? If you play story games then yes otherwise if you’re are a competitive obsessed gamer than no because the player is more consult about the frames rather than light and shadows in the game. So, it is a good option for gamers who likes playing story games with good graphics.

4.) 3rd Generation Tensor Cores

Tensor Cores is an AI-based computing interference used for the boasting of the frames of the game while keeping the quality of the image to be sharp and highly clear. NVIDIA has used 3rd generation architecture of Tensor Cores that makes it run 2x faster while computing and providing crisp gameplay.

Hardware Specifications of the NVIDIA 3000 Series

Hardware Specifications of the NVIDIA 3000 Series
image credit:- NVIDIA

1.) Ampere Powered Graphics Card

Ampere driven current-generation graphics cards by NVIDIA have increased performance per watt which provides 2x high performance from the previous version of NVIDIA cards. It consists of 28 Billion transistors with multi TFLOPS and Micron G6X which can deliver record-breaking performance every time you play games on your PC with 3000 series Graphics card.

2.) HDMI 2.1

To increase the capability of the 3000 series graphics cards now NVIDIA has introduced 2.1 HDMI inbuilt support to promote the 4K and 8K streaming at a very high refresh rate without affecting the gameplay.

3.) AV1 Decode

With AOMedio Video 1 a.k.AV1 is a free video transmission format used for streaming videos online. NVIDIA made use of AV1 to decrease the bandwidth requirement of the internet so that the streamers can easily stream up to 4K and even till 8K resolution who doesn’t have good internet connections.

4.) Better Cooling System

NVIDIA has said that they built an excellent cooling system for these high-performance cards. This cooling system includes the dual axial flow of the air consisting of two fans. The design of the fans is placed on both the ends of the card (one in front and the other in the rear part of the card). The function of both the cards is different – one fan sucks air to the card while the other fans blow the heated air out of the chamber. NVIDIA already pointed out the effect of the heat damage of the graphics cards to the PC therefore this time they have kept all the things in the right place.

Note:- For RTX 3070, both the fans are mounted above the card instead of one on the rear side of the graphics card.

New Features Of NVIDIA GeForce Experience

New Features Of NVIDIA GeForce Experience
image credit:- NVIDIA

Above mentioned features of software and hardware are the up-gradation front the previous versions of NVIDIA’s cards but they have not stopped there. There are some new features added by NVIDIA on the GeForce panel too!

1.) Automated GPU Tuning

The panel will support GPU tuning which will find the best overclock settings for your graphics card according to the algorithm and will create a history of the tuning performance for manual changing too.

2.) Improved and Enhanced Monitoring Overlay

With the FPS overlay, you can now see the detailed overlay which includes the temperature, latency, and the performance stats of your graphics card.

3.) High-quality recording

RTX 3090 is truly made keeping in mind about the future of gaming and streaming that is in 8K resolution. Therefore 3090 will include the support up to 8K resolution at 30 FPS of recording plus high definition recording at all resolution.

Partnerships with Popular Games

Partnerships with Popular Games
image credit:- NVIDIA

NVIDIA has partnered with many big popular game companies to optimize its performance with the games. It includes:-

  • CyberPunk 2077
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Fortnite
  • Watch Dogs: Legion
  • Valorant
  • Minecraft

There are other games too which will be adding NVIDIA’s Reflex & DLSS for more optimization.

Comparison of RTX 3090, 3080, and 3070 (Summary)

Properties (RTX Series)309030803070
Launch Date24th September 202017th September 2020October 2020
CUDA Cores1049687045888
Boost Clock1.7 GHz1.71 GHz1.73 GHz
Memory Configuration24GB GDDR6X10GB GDDR6X8GB GDDR6
HDMI 2.1 SupportYesYY
Power Consumption350 W320 W220 W
Recommended PSU750 W750 W650 W
Size12.3″ x 5.4″ (3-slots)11.2″ x 4.4″ (2-slot)9.5″ x 4.4″ (2-slot)

My Conclusion

conclusion on RTX 3000 series
image credit:- NVIDIA

After the big announcement of the RTX 3000 series, I can only say one word for these graphics cards that is “Awesome” as it is truly value for the money. Earlier when RTX 2000 series has introduced the valuation of these cards was very high which made many users stick to the GTX versions of NVIDIA cards. But now they have listened to the people’s request to decrease the price of the cards therefore it is worth buying anyone serious in gaming. Also, one more point to add before giving a closure is the dream to stream in 8K resolution, and using of 360HZ monitor is now can be true with the 3000 series graphics cards. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your PC or planning to buy a new one then I will strongly suggest you include one of these 3000 series graphics cards.

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