Pubg Mobile Vs Pubg Mobile Lite Gameplay Comparison (Is Pubg Mobile Lite Worth Installing?)

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Pubg Mobile’s popularity is increasing day by day. The people especially children are getting more attracted to this game but its system requirement  & Mobile overheating issues made it impossible for the low-end specs mobile users to play Pubg mobile with full graphics and smooth gameplay. Below we have discussed reasons to switch to Pubg mobile lite and also the comparison between the gameplay of Pubg Mobile Vs Pubg Mobile Lite


Released on 4th July’19 with over 100 million downloads. The lite version of Pubg mobile is for low specs mobile phone users. Created on Unreal Engine 4 by Tencent Games which have comparable realistic gameplay with the original version of this game. The High Definition mapping of the game is like a cherry on the top for the low-end mobile users.

Pubg Mobile Lite version is somewhat similar to Pubg Mobile-only but major changes include:

  • Fair gaming experience with a more secure anti-cheat system for the best gaming experience.
  • The map is of 2Km X 2Km with more action-packed challenges and game modes.
  • System requirement – at least 1 GB RAM, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or above, 600 MB storage availability. The system requirement is very low as it is available in every smartphone manufacturing today.
  • Player Base is reduced from 100 players to just 60 players per classic matchmaking.
  • Supported Languages – English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, and Arabic.
  • The game is currently working on a 0.17.0 update. It adds new weaponry like rocket launchers, helicopters, and vehicles like BDRM, etc with an extra Payload Mode In the arcade mode.

Download Links:-Android Download(IOS not available right now)

Difference Between
Pubg Mobile Vs Pubg Mobile Lite

Image Courtesy:- Tencent Games

Mapping System

Lite version includes all the major maps which includes Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok & Vikendi but the major difference is the map size which is of 2X2. The names of the places, as well as the buildings, is also have changed in the game.

Player’s Matchmaking

the number of players per match is also decreased from 100 to 60 players. In order to compensate for the large bandwidth requirement and networking connection like the major game have.


Graphics is lowered for the best gaming experience by the company but still, the use of Unreal Engines for creating the game will still give you crisp gameplay in low-end mobile devices.

Gameplay & Looting System

keeping the map size and time per match, the gameplay and the looting system is quick. In order to keep the players more engaged in action every moment as soon as they jump from the plane to the winning shot by the player.

Launch Trailer Of Pubg Mobile Lite


if you are using a low spec PC and you seriously want to try or enjoy gaming competitive gaming than this game version is just for you guys. No hassle and overheating of the device are experienced by the users. Also, I like to mention that not only low-end users but anyone can play this game on their device.




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