Top Ten Gamer Girls of 2021

Top Ten Gamer Girls Of 2021

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As the gaming community is increasing year by year. We are seeing a majority of gamer girls joining the streaming platforms. It was previously dominated by male gamers but now there is a number of girl streamers showing their skills of gaming. Here is a list of the top ten gamer girls of 2021.

10. Annemunition

Real Name:- Anne

Age:- 30 years old (12th May 1990)

Country:-  United States of America

Social Media Links:- Twitch, Youtube, Instagram

Annemunition or Anne as most of her friends calls her is a very big and known girl gamer for a long time. She is known for playing Rainbow Six Seige on her Twitch streams mostly. Before discovering Twitch she was a graphic & UI/UX designer. Slowly and steadily she started streaming on Twitch along with the work she was doing as a designer. As she got bored from her job she finally decided to become a full-time streamer on Twitch. This decision changed her life and now she is over 600k followers on Twitch as of 2020.

9. Valkyrae

Real Name:- Rachell Hofstetter

Age:- 28 years old (8th January 1992)

Country:- Germany-Philippines

Social Media Links:- Youtube, Instagram

Rachell ” Valkyrae” Hofstetter is a well known Youtube & 100 Thieves content creator. She is used to stream games on Twitch earlier but on 13th January 2020 quit Twitch to start streaming on Youtube with an exclusive contract with the company. She has participated in many online and LAN tournaments as a Pro Female player. Recently, she won the “Content Creator Of The Year of 2020” at ‘The Game Awards’.

8. Alexia Raye

Real Name:- Alexa Raye

Age:- 25 years old (8th August 1995)

Country:- United States of America

Social Media Links:- Twitch, Youtube, Instagram

Alexia Raye is a famous Instagram Model and Twitch Streamer from the USA. She gained popularity on all the social platforms due to her Instagram modeling pictures and vlogging skills. She is a multi-game streamer on Twitch and makes fashion videos and vlogs on her youtube channel.

7. KittyPlays

Real Name:- Kristen Michaela

Age:- 28 years old (16th February 1992)

Canada:- Canada

Social Media Links:- Twitch, Youtube, Instagram

Kristen “KittyPlays” Michaela is a professional Fortnite Esports player and streamer. She participated only in Duos and Solos in the online tournaments of Fortnite. Coming to her Twitch channel she has over 1 million followers and she streams multiple games. She started playing games and streaming at the game of 22 yrs old. Now it’s been 6 years that she is streaming on Twitch.

6. Loserfruit

Real Name:- Kathleen Belsten

Country:- Australia

Age:-27 years old (22nd February 1993)

Social Media Links:- Twitch, Youtube, Instagram

Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten is a famous Twitch streamer and vlogger from Australia. She has two youtube channels – one for game highlights and the second by the name of “Lufu” for vlogging. She was a member of the “Click” group of famous YouTubers which unfortunately got ended due to Covid’s situation. Kathleen started her gaming channel back in 2013 on Youtube. And now she has a huge fan following of over 6 million across every social media platform that she has.

5. SSSniperWolf

Real Name:- Alia Marie Shelesh

Country:- United Kingdom

Age:- 28 years old (22nd October 1992)

Social Media Links:- Youtube, Instagram

Alia “SSSniperWolf” Marie is a British Streamer and gamer. She is one of the most followed streamers across multiple social media with over 10 million followers. She started her journey with youtube in 2013. During the start, she uploaded videos of her gameplay playing Call of Duty and Metal Gears. A major breakthrough in her career came with her joining TikTok which gave her more exposure as a gamer. As of now, she is more dedicated to making reaction videos with DIY videos on her second channel “Little Lia Wolf” on youtube.

4. Xchocobars

Real Name:- Janet Rose

Age:- 26 years old (5th November 1994)

Country:- Canada

Social Media Links:- Twitch, Youtube, Instagram

Janet “Xchocobars” Rose is a famous League of Legends streamer on Twitch. Not only that she streams other games like PUBG, Among Us, Valorant, etc with her friends. She rose to fame when she dated her fellow streamer “Disguised Toast”. The couple was heavily liked by the Twitch community. But in the end, things didn’t work out for both of them and they broke up at the start of this year. Still, both of them are on good terms and are very good friends.

3. Loeya

Real Name:- Olivia Loeya

Age:- 22 years old (7th March 1998)

Country:- Sweden

Social Media Links:- Twitch, Youtube, Instagram

Olivia “Loeya” is a young and famous Fortnite streamer from Sweden. Initially, she loved playing League of Legends but as the battle royale games, popularity increased she switched to Fortnite. Loeya started her channel in 2017. Due to her gameplay and popularity, she got many sponsors for her twitch channel. As of 2020, she has over 1 million followers on Twitch.

2. Pink_Sparkles

Real Name:-Samantha Tomlensen

Age:- 30 years old (17th May 1990)

Country:- Poland

Social Media Links:- Twitch, Instagram

Samantha “PinkSparkles” Tomlensen is a very famous multi games streamer from Poland. Before becoming a full-time streamer she was a teacher for 2 years. The passion for gaming led her to start streaming on Twitch. After that, there was no going back for Samantha. She gained a huge fan base on different social media platforms. She was banned multiple times in Twitch but regained her channel due to the promotion of adult content which many speculated about the bans. Samantha is still going strong on Twitch with over 1 million followers.

1. Pokimane

Real Name:- Imane Anys

Age:-24 years old (14th May 1996)

Country:- Canada-Moroccan

Social Media Links:- Twitch, Youtube, Instagram

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is the top followed Twitch girl streamer with over 6.5 million followers. She is also associated with the “OfflineTV” group as a content creator. On her channel, she streams multiple games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Among Us, etc. In 2018, She won the “Twitch Streamer of the Year” at the ‘Shorty Awards’. Not only that she also has a cameo role in the upcoming film “Free Guy” which is set to release in May 2021.


The list we made for the top ten gamer girls of the internet is made considering the popularity across all the social media platforms. If we missed any of your favorite gamer girls then please let us know below in the comment section. Meanwhile, you can also check out the best adult games of 2021.

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