US Congresswomen AOC & Ilhan Omar played Among Us to encourage Voting

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Twitch is a great platform when it comes to showcasing your skills on anything. It is not only a place where you stream games. You can also share your thoughts, promote anything, and most importantly interact with anyone. One day ago, US Congresswoman AOC – “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” played Among Us to encourage voting with her fellow Democratic representative “Ilhan Omar” and many popular streaming stars like Pokimane, Myth, Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, and many more.

Twitch is often used to conduct debates and Q&A sessions in recent times by politicians but this time Alexandria took the opportunity to use the platform by playing games for encouraging the people of the USA for voting in upcoming elections. This was an unexpected and unconventional way to encourage people to the polls. But the event went whoppingly famous, she reached a peak of 435k live viewers at one time during the live stream. It was the debut live stream of AOC on twitch on her channel. The video generated over 5+ million in just 2 days and over 600k followers with only a single video on her channel. However, it was not the first time that AOC has appeared on the live stream on Twitch. She has appeared on a fundraiser stream last year too.

Who is AOC?

US Congresswoman AOC "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is known by the initials ‘AOC’ is an American politician and a democratic party member. She is serving as the US representative of the New York congressional district. AOC is the youngest woman ever to serve the United States office of Congress at a very young age of 29. She was a waitress before she contested for elections in 2018 for the Congress where she won and came to power. She took the opportunity to live stream on twitch to motivate people to vote in the upcoming elections. Her popularity has spoken through the numbers of her twitch followers and views that she received with only one video on her channel.

What happened during the live stream of ‘AOC’?

AOC played Among Us to encourage Voting

During the live stream, there were many instances when AOC was seen discussing the importance of voting with their viewers. Also, they asked the VIPs of Twitch streaming about their thoughts on voting. One of the streamers “Myth” who was playing with them said it will be his first time that he will vote. Later on, he tweeted about the importance of voting and how easy it is to vote. He quoted It was nice playing with @AOC tonight! Thank you all for coming out and watching. Remember to vote this election as well. This election is my first time voting and it’s super easy to do so do it”. 

There was also a funny but cute moment during the live stream when Pokimane thought that AOC was a crewmate but she was an imposter. At first, she tried to not ditch her as she said “she is nice, I can’t kill Poki”.

She soon changed her mind and ended up getting her because that’s the rule of the game in order to win. Poki was shocked but later on, she said “it’s an honor to serve you” in a funny way. This moment is the most talked about thing in the whole stream of AOC.

It was a great way to promote the young audience to vote. Youngsters may find debate shows and rally boring. But coming into their zone and encouraging them to vote is the best thing a politician can do.  The stream of AOC was both fun and educational. By this, we can hope for more streams to come from her and maybe from other politicians too. In that way, we can see the fun side of the politicians.

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