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Herschel Beahm IV or better known as DrDisrespect is a very known internet celebrity and gamer who is currently a streamer on Youtube. He is known for his entertaining rage while playing FPS games. For many months, Shroud and DrDisrespect were in a competition to become the best streamer in the Twitch community. Until Ninja came with Fortnite streaming to become the number 1 streamer of all time on Twitch. So why DrDisrespect was banned from Twitch permanently without any clear justification?

Who is Dr. Disresprect?

real photo of Dr. Disrespect

After getting graduated from California State Polytechnic University where he used to play basketball. He took his time to get familiar with Youtube posting. He posted his first video playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on 11th Jan 2010. After one year, he was appointed as the community manager for the SledgeHammer Games (They are the game developers of Call Of Duty).

While working with the SledgeHammer Games, he joined Justin.tv (later it was known as Twitch.tv) to stream games. The passion for streaming made him quit his job there and he continued to become a full-time streamer.

In his journey, he played multiple games from H1Z1 to PUBG. He has gained a lot of viewers from his personality which includes a Black mullet hairstyle wig and his mustache, futuristic sunglasses, tactical vest, and a long-sleeve athletic shirt. It is his unique attire and attitude that led to his fame in the gaming world. He has always seen speaking his motto “VIolence. Speed. Momentum” during his live stream. This motto led him to write his autobiography that will be released next year. He has won “Streamer of the Year” twice in ’17 & ’19 by Esports Industry Awards.

What led to Dr. Disrespect complete Ban from the Twitch platform?

Doc with Ninja and Shroud

There are a couple of instances that led to the temporary ban of DOC. But the permanent ban on Twitch is still not clear from the Twitch end as the streamer DrDisrepect himself tweeted on 27th June 2020 after the Twitch ban and he quote “Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision... Firm handshakes to all for the support during this difficult time.”

The first temporary twitch ban that Beahm got was on 11th June when he filmed inside the public bathroom while attending 2019 E3 in L.A, California. He and his cameraman went inside the public bathroom twice to record inside the E3’s public bathroom. It is against Twitch’s privacy rules and laws. After the video came E3 organization also banned him from the event. However, after two weeks on 25th June 2019, his Twitch channel was reinstated by Twitch.

Many times he was accused of crossing the line from being entertaining to getting toxic for no reason. Most of the time people blamed his irresponsible behavior or going with the flow attitude. Jimmy Wong also accused him of mocking the Chinese language and accent. In his defense, the Doc replied that the accusation is baseless and he claimed to be best friends with many Asian people.

One year later on 26th June 2020, the channel of Dr. Disrespect is permanently banned out of nowhere. The Twitch officials have said that they have taken the decision based on the Twitch Terms & Conditions and policies that Doc has violated many times. Till now the Twitch has not given the exact reason for Doc’s channel ban as well as he doesn’t even know about it.

My Conclusion

Funny Dr. Disrespect

In my view, there are instances where you can blame Doc over the incidence when he do-over then required which definitely can hurt anyone’s feeling. It can be toxicity or the actions by the Doc in his live streams. We live in an era where people get influenced very easily. Also, if a highly famous streamer like Doc mocks over a language or culture can lead to the influence over the people to do the same to others of the same race or religion. Although many think he does it for the audience and he doesn’t mean all of it what he says when he is in the character of DrDisrespect. But still, there are some things and lines which are not meant to be crossed.

Also, the banning of the channel and not giving a perfect explanation by the company is also not good for the Twitch organization. It is because Doc was one of the famous streamers of Twitch because people like watching him. Permanent banning without a clear justification may not be good for the Twitch community and the streamers of the platform. Nevertheless, Twitch knows what they are doing and they work to provide a better place for the viewers and streamers. In the end, I just hope both Twitch and the Doc soon get into friendly terms.




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